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[O] #+begin_src LaTeX blocks export to literal LaTeX

From: Michael Bach
Subject: [O] #+begin_src LaTeX blocks export to literal LaTeX
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2011 19:34:11 +0100
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Dear org-mode community,

I am configuring my LaTeX export setup and found LaTeX src blocks very
nice for the font lock they provide and the possibility of having AUCTeX
activated for that block by =C-c '=.  However, org's LaTeX exporter puts
them into a \verbatim environment by default in the resulting LaTeX

I looked into the documentation whether some src flags could accomplish
this and found none.  I see that an option `:exports literal' would be
rather too much, since it probably only really makes any sense for this
specific use case.  But it would be nice nonetheless...

Did I make myself clear?  Or is there a better approach to this?

Thanks in advance!


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