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Re: [O] [org-babel] switching off (re-)evaluation of code blocks during

From: Torsten Anders
Subject: Re: [O] [org-babel] switching off (re-)evaluation of code blocks during Org export
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 00:13:03 +0000

Dear Sebastien and Eric,

Thanks a lot for your kind replies. However, this is not yet quite what I am 

I want to be able to manually execute each code block, but not automatically 
whenever the whole document is rendered. So, I would always switch on/off "eval 
never". Hm... 

I will try out the ":cache" header argument. However, again this does not work 
so well, because for the languages I am using the :file argument does not work 
very well (I have to manually change extensions, so I include the resulting 
file links by hand anyway and set :results to silent.

So, I it sounds like few org-babel users is really running larger applications 
in their code blocks which can delay the export of the whole document 

Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback.

Best wishes,

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