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[O] Quick and dirty code blocks: eepitch

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: [O] Quick and dirty code blocks: eepitch
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 02:57:52 -0200

Hello list,

I just discovered org-babel-screen... I haven't done my org-homework
yet, but I can't resist making an announcement: the package
eepitch.el, at


has some goals in common with org-babel - eepitch also lets us script
external programs from Emacs - but it does that in a very different
style from org. In eepitch the emphasys is in the simplicity of the
implementation - its core is less than 200 lines, it runs on plain
Emacs, it uses only two keybindings, support for a new language can
usually be implemented in just one or two lines of Lisp, and "eepitch
code blocks" can appear in any file and be used in any mode (by the
way, I've been using them in org files for ages). Eepitch's approach
has several downsides, of course - one of them is that eepitch code
blocks will look UGLY to org users, as I never worked on ways of
fontifying them... I will try to implement an org-babel language for
eepitch code blocks (this is part of my homework).

Oh, by the way: org-babel-screen was inspired by the ancestor of


Cheers, :-)
  Eduardo Ochs

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