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Re: [O] "org-time-stamp" and "org-time-stamp-inactive" no longer work

From: York Zhao
Subject: Re: [O] "org-time-stamp" and "org-time-stamp-inactive" no longer work
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 14:38:03 -0500

> Matt reported a similar problem in
> <http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/41336/focus=41341>
> But it seems the problem just ... fixed itself:
> ,----
> | However, oddly, after experiencing the same issue about 6 times in a
> | row, the problem mysteriously disappeared just now, and the procedure
> | is working fine.  I have no idea what the issue is there -- I'll
> | report when I find it again.  Maybe someone on the list can give me
> | suggestions for debugging if it shows up again?
> `----

Thanks for the help David and Nick, I would say that my problem looks extremely
similar (if not exactly the same) like Matt had reported.

>  1. Try to reproduce the bug with a minimal setup, just Emacs +
>     uncompiled Org mode;

I will try this at some point.

>  2. If this is possible, see if it occurrs if the calendar buffer is
>    already open (e.g. M-x calendar RET) -- maybe this is some kind of
>    a weird race condition (?).

I'm sure there was no calendar buffer pre-existing. The wield thing is that
whenever this problem happens, the contents of my other buffer would be replaced
with the calendar while the name of the buffer kept unchanged.



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