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Re: [O] Refresh of http://orgmode.org

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] Refresh of http://orgmode.org
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 16:18:56 +0100
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Hi Eric,

Eric Schulte <address@hidden> writes:

> Exactly, that is why it is ignored. :)
> I did this mainly so that I could export index.org to generate a base to
> work off of (before I had the project description you just send in
> another email).

Okay, no problem.

> Should the publish project definition be added to the orgweb repository
> in a non-exporting file, so that anyone can build the site locally for
> testing?

Sure -- maybe just add a README.

>> The two others don't apply.  There seem to be blank lines where there
>> should not.  Can you resent them?
> Since you seem to like the changes listed above I've just pushed these
> patches up directly, so they should now be applied.

Thanks.  We lost the blue background in the top bar and the correct
z-index so that text don't overlap. 


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