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[O] latex command for org-preview-latex-fragment

From: Ista Zahn
Subject: [O] latex command for org-preview-latex-fragment
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 10:24:07 -0500
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Hello all,

I'm having troubel getting org-preview-latex-fragment to work when using 
minted for exported code highlighting. Checking the log files in 
/tmp/orgtex<...>.log I find that tex fails with the error message "Package 
minted Error: You must invoke LaTeX with the -shell-escape flag". OK, that's 
helpful, except that I can't figure out where/how to change the tex command 
called by org-preview-latex-fragment. Is this configurable in org-mode 
settings? Or does it depend on some option in the auctex or preview packages?

Thanks for any help,

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