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Re: [O] Way to replace normal tabular env with booktabs?

From: Daniel Bausch
Subject: Re: [O] Way to replace normal tabular env with booktabs?
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 19:32:54 +0100
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> On a usage note, I was surprised that the patch causes automatic insertion
> of top and bottom rules even when the org table doesn't use ascii
> top/bottom rules. In fact, if you use "|-" to put ascii rules on an org
> chart using this patch, you get double rules.

Disclaimer: I did not test this at all, but am interested in a convenient 
booktabs support, too.

I think it is reasonable to put the top and bottom rules automatically, as 
booktabs somewhat defines that as the intended look.  So it would be redundant 
to require a |- on top and bottom for all tables on the org side.  I even 
think that org tables with top and bottom rules do not look good, because the 
vertical lines do not stop at the horizontal lines (from a visual point of 
view).  This way it looks like is a very small empty table line above and 
below the table.


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