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Re: [O] Tweaking the export

From: Christian Wittern
Subject: Re: [O] Tweaking the export
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 11:33:06 +0900
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Hi Sebastian,

On 2012-01-27 23:03, Sebastien Vauban wrote:
Just a side comment: isn't easier to work in 2 different files or buffers (eventually, within the same file) and use some sort of "parallel" follow-mode? I thought such a thing existed, but can't find it back right now. Anyway, it would be quite easy to implement: it's more or less implementing C-v/M-v so that it's done in two parallel buffers at the same time, instead of just in one!? Best regards, Seb
What you describe is Two-Column mode, and this was suggested by Jambunathan before. I did try this alley, but for me org-mode works better. One of the reasons for this is, that there are some structural aspects that are common to both files. Another reason is that I want to be able grep through the files and be able to see matching lines in both languages -- this helps me ensure a consistent translation. So the current setup is really nice for me for doing the work, but now I need to construct the pipeline for publication. As Jambunathan put it, this is really a problem of tangling the output.

BTW, I think the general exporter should also be able to to a org-mode to org-mode conversion. This would provide a general framework to systematically correct little problems in files. I guess here it shows that I am coming from the XML world, where a conversion from one XML file to another XML file with slight alterations of some aspects is a very common pattern.

All the best,


Christian Wittern, Kyoto

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