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[O] Using org-babel with Scheme

From: Leo Alekseyev
Subject: [O] Using org-babel with Scheme
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 01:53:37 -0600

Is anyone on the list using a recent org-babel with Scheme?  I
recently started working through SICP, and I'm running into issues
evaluating scheme src  blocks.  Org-babel error buffer pops up with
"ERROR: Wrong number of arguments to #<primitive-generic display>",
and the minibuffer prompts me for a lisp expression.  Is there
anything I need to configure beyond   (org-babel-do-load-languages
'org-babel-load-languages  '((scheme . t)))?

(Running latest org from git in Emacs 24; have Chicken scheme and
guile installed).


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