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Re: [O] Bug: 3 bugs and 2 proposals on ascii/html export [7.8.03]

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] Bug: 3 bugs and 2 proposals on ascii/html export [7.8.03]
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2012 03:09:46 +0100
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Hi Mathias,

Mathias Bauer <address@hidden> writes:

> I just played with org's export functionality and following
> minimal org file.  This results in three minor bugs and two
> proposals/questions on org's behavior.

Thanks for this report -- next time, please consider sending 
one mail per bug/request, it makes issues easier to track.

> ** Bug 1: Underlining the headlines
> Headlines without tags are underlined in a wrong manner.  It's
> one character too long.

It's a matter of taste.  I like this additionnal character 
and I think Carsten added it intentionally.

> ** Question/Proposal
> As default, all level 1 headlines are underlined by - characters
> and level 2 headlines with =.  Wouldn't it be more logical the
> other way round: the lower the level, the more important the
> headline and hence the "bigger" its underlining?  (Of course the
> user can change the variable org-export-ascii-underline.)

Unless many users think this is illogical, I won't change the 

> * HTML export
> ** Question/Proposal
> ----------snip----------
> <h2>...Some section with TAG at the end &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<span 
> class="tag"><span class="some_tag">some_tag...
> ----------snip----------
> Isn't a single space enough for separating the heading's text and
> the tag?  Beside their number, the additional three (why not five
> or n?) "&nbsp;" seem a little bit freaky to me...

They _are_ freaky :)  But they are also needed.  

Even if the tags display is taken care of by the CSS, 
we must prevent collapsing the tags with the previous 
strings in case the CSS is not available -- just think
of what the HTML page should look like with w3m/lynx.

> ** Bug 2: Exporting the tag into the toc
> Adding "#+OPTIONS: tags:t" results in the following exported toc:
> ----------snip----------
> <li>...Some section with TAG at the end&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="tag"> 
> some_tag</span></a></li>
> ----------snip----------
> There is a space inside the <span>...</span> just before the tag
> name which should not be there.

Fixed, thanks.

> ** Bug 3: Exporting the TODO keywords
> ----------snip----------
> <h2>...<span class="todo TODO"> TODO</span> Some section with a TODO 
> keyword</h2>
> ----------snip----------
> There is a space inside the <span>...</span> just before the TODO
> keyword which should not be there.

Fixed, thanks.


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