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[O] Pipe mouse-highlight to FestivalLite/flite

From: brian powell
Subject: [O] Pipe mouse-highlight to FestivalLite/flite
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 15:13:20 -0500

* Does anyone know how to pipe "Link: http://orgmode.org" highlighted text to "flite"

** Maybe a hook?

(add-hook 'org-occur-highlights 'etc...

** Trying to get the mouse-highlight text that pops-up sent to "flite"--FestivalLite---then text-to-speech would be done---emacs could literally tell me what the OrgMode "LINK:..." is.

*** This could be used when the lights go out/turned screen off; for others, say if you're blind, it may be useful as a simple way to announce a link in an OrgMode buffer--before running it/going to the link.

**** Familiar with emacspeak and speechd-el

***** Both of these have many dependencies etc.--'flite" is quick and easy to install:

apt-get install flite

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