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[O] ways to insert "note to self" in an org-mode file for academic paper

From: Christopher W. Ryan
Subject: [O] ways to insert "note to self" in an org-mode file for academic paper
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 11:55:23 -0400
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I'm very early in trying a transition from LaTeX to org-mode for
academic writing, trying to learn the Org way of doing things. Running
Org-mode 7.7 in Emacs 23.4.1 on Win XP.

Suppose I'm writing a draft of a research proposal and come to some part
that I may want to consider changing, after I think about it some more,
check with others, or reassess my resources. In LaTex, I'd write
something like this:

% need to look into this further, check with so-and-so

and keep writing on the next line.

How does one do this well in Org-mode? With a # comment character? Or
does this become a TODO item?

Of course, I wouldn't want that little "note to self" to appear in any
final document. But I might want it to remain in the source file, to
document my line of reasoning.


Christopher W. Ryan, MD
SUNY Upstate Medical University Clinical Campus at Binghamton
425 Robinson Street, Binghamton, NY  13904

"Observation is a more powerful force than you could possibly reckon.
The invisible, the overlooked, and the unobserved are the most in danger
of reaching the end of the spectrum. They lose the last of their light.
>From there, anything can happen . . ."  [God, in "Joan of Arcadia,"
episode entitled, "The Uncertainty Principle."]

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