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Re: [O] Sticky agenda branch merged

From: Rainer Stengele
Subject: Re: [O] Sticky agenda branch merged
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 22:06:18 +0200
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Am 17.04.2012 21:35, schrieb Nick Dokos:
> Rainer Stengele <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Am 17.04.2012 12:09, schrieb Rainer Stengele:
>>> Am 16.04.2012 11:47, schrieb Max Mikhanosha:
>>>> I had just pushed a merge of max-sticky-agenda branch to master, let
>>>> me know if there are any problems, also feel free to hack/iterate on
>>>> it, if you have question as to why something was done, I'll do my best
>>>> to answer.
>>>> In particular I just seen a new commit introducing filter on
>>>> categories, and org-agenda-filtered-by-top-category probably needs to
>>>> be included into local variable list to have it work per agenda
>>>> buffer.
>>>> Also the individual calls to org-todo-list and such, do not work right
>>>> with sticky agenda as there is nothing to catch the 'exit tag, that is
>>>> thrown by `org-prepare-agenda' when it finds cached buffer. I'm not
>>>> sure there is more elegant way of fixing it, other then wrapping all
>>>> the individual scanner pieces with (catch) blocks, that re-throw if
>>>> they had detected that they been called from (org-agenda) command
>>>> Regards,
>>>>    Max
>>> Hi,
>>> I see a strange behaviour when clocking in with C-c C-x C-i.
>>> Sometimes (!) there is no new CLOCK: entry created.
>>> The TODO state changes as expected, but no new CLOCK: line is created, even 
>>> when clocking out.
>>> Looks like this happens when the initial TODO state is set.
>>> Maybe I missed a change in the behaviour?
>>> Regards,
>>> Rainer
>> Hi Max,
>> I found the culprit:
>> (defun bh/mark-parent-tasks-started ()
>>    "Visit each parent task and change TODO states to STARTED"
>>    (unless bh/mark-parent-tasks-started
>>      (when (equal state "INARBEIT")
>>        (let ((bh/mark-parent-tasks-started t))
>>          (save-excursion
>>            (while (org-up-heading-safe)
>>              (when (member (nth 2 (org-heading-components)) (list "TODO" 
>>                (org-todo "INARBEIT"))))))))
>> (add-hook 'org-after-todo-state-change-hook 'bh/mark-parent-tasks-started 
>> 'append)
>>  something seems to have changed conecerning the "state" variable.
> Presumably another victim of the variable renaming patches. Try
> renaming "state" to "org-state" and see if that works (untested,
> no promises).
> Nick
>> The function fails and stops the clockin process.  Deactivating the
>> hook brings back the right behaviour.  Sorry for that.
>> Bernt, that function of yours does seem to have stopped working?
>> Thanks and regards,
>> Rainer

Yep, "org-state" works.
Sorry, I missed the renaming tale.
Thanks a lot, Nick!


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