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Re: [O] How to get to work non-interactive publishing?

From: Mikhail Titov
Subject: Re: [O] How to get to work non-interactive publishing?
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 19:13:49 -0500
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On 05/18/2012 07:19 AM, Eric Schulte wrote:
>> I can publish project if I don’t use –-batch . So the following works
>> just fine: emacs -nw --eval '(org-publish-project "myproj")'
>> However nothing happens if I try emacs --batch --eval '(org-publish-project 
>> "myproj")'
>> Does anybody have an idea how to pin point the problem? It just
>> returns almost instantaneously with no output to stderr.
>> I do use ESS, and I have lots of R code some of which is intentionally
>> non-cached. I’m running GNU Emacs (revno: 108254) with
>> default orgmode if it makes any difference.
> Using batch mode shouldn't be causing any problems with the export
> process, is it possible that something in your personal config is not
> compatible with batch-mode?  I have a number of projects in which I
> export using a batch Emacs process (generally from a make file).  My
> Makefile rules tend to look like the following.
>     EMACS=emacs
>     BATCH_EMACS=$(EMACS) --batch -Q -l init.el document.org
>     ...
>     document.tex: document.org init.el
>             $(BATCH_EMACS) -f org-export-as-latex
> where init.el contains all of the init necessary for the particular
> project.  For a complete working example see the replication materials
> at http://www.jstatsoft.org/v46/i03.
I really did not want to create a separate init file as I was quite
happy with existing dot emacs. You are right. Something was in the way.
After I created a separate file that loads only necessary stuff, it
published fine.

So weird emacs did not give any error before that something is not quite
right. Is there an option for emacs so that some module can say it can't
work in a batch mode?

I mean what is the point to make a separate init file other than speed?


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