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[O] Organizing org-mode files: Tree view

From: Dotan Cohen
Subject: [O] Organizing org-mode files: Tree view
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 22:39:19 +0300

Hi all, I am a VIM user enchanted by the power of org-mode. Please
excuse my apparent naivety!

I am moving from Zim Wiki (excellent GUI program) to either Vimwiki
(VIM plugin) or org-mode. I was surprised to see that org-mode has all
the features of several apps that I use, including Task Warrior, Zim
Wiki, and Tux Cards. However, one feature that is not clear to me is
how to organize the various org-mode files. Surely I wouldn't leave
that to the file system!

Is there some Emacs plugin that could present the org-mode files in a
tree-fashion, such as demonstrated on the left side of this Zim Wiki

That image is part of a Vimwiki feature request, the full page is here:

If there is a better way to organize the files, then I would love to
know how the more experienced users do it.

Thank you!

Dotan Cohen


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