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Re: [O] [Feature Request] Add an dispatcher command (keybinding) for ins

From: stardiviner
Subject: Re: [O] [Feature Request] Add an dispatcher command (keybinding) for inserting dynamic blocks
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2019 08:12:15 +0800
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Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> stardiviner <address@hidden> writes:
>> Indeed, I mimicked `org-link-set-parameters' almost all. About this, I
>> originally just lazy, now I have a thought about this alist of plist
>> design, I think adding snippet-like text template string. This idea is
>> still coarse. I will update this idea in my org agenda todo list.
> We are not sure this would end up as a good idea anyway. Meanwhile,
> I think the alist of plists idea is a bit complicated.

Ok, I changed data structure into alist now.

>> And I have another reason, I think use same structure can make user feel
>> comfortable, because it is same as `org-link-set-parameters`. It's a
>> good reason.
> Org uses a lot of data types in its defcustoms. I don't think there is
> more comfort in sticking to a particular one. OTOH, a simpler structure
> means simpler code.


> So if we have no other property than :function, I'd rather have a simple
> alist (KEY . FUNCTION). If we ever need more properties, we can change
> the structure, as long as it is in master, it is not set in stone.
>> About test, would you allow me to write it later?
> No problem. They do not need to be complex, tho.

I added a test by insert clocktable. It's passed.

>> At last, present my updated patch. Merry Christmas.
> Thank you.
>> -are updated automatically by a user function.  For example, {{{kbd(C-c
>> -C-x C-r)}}} inserts a dynamic table that updates the work time (see
>> -[[*Clocking Work Time]]).
>> +are updated automatically by a user function.  You can use dispatch
>> +command ~org-dynamic-block-insert-dblock~, which is bound to
>> +keybinding {{{kbd(C-c C-x i)}}} by default.
>> +
>> +#+kindex: C-c C-x i
>> +#+findex: org-dynamic-block-insert-dblock
>> +Select one type of dynamic block to insert.
>> +
>> +For example, {{{kbd(C-c C-x i c l o c k t a b l e RET)}}} inserts a
>> +dynamic table that updates the work time (see [[*Clocking Work
>> Time]]).
>     by a user function.
>     #+kindex: C-c C-x x
>     #+findex: org-dynamic-block-insert-dblock
>     You can insert a dynamic block with ~org-dynamic-block-insert-dblock~,
>     which is bound to {{{kbd(C-c C-x i)}}} by default. For example,
>     {{{kbd(C-c C-x i c l o c k t a b l e RET)}}} inserts a table that
>     updates the work time (see [[*Clocking Work Time]]).


>> +(org-dynamic-block-set-parameters
>> + "clocktable"
>> + :function 'org-clock-report)
> The function could be, e.g.,
>   (org-dynamic-block-define "clocktable" #'org-clock-report)


>> +(defun org-dynamic-block-get-parameter (type key)
>> +  "Get TYPE dynamic block property for KEY.
>> +TYPE is a string and KEY is a plist keyword."
>> +  (plist-get
>> +   (cdr (assoc type org-dynamic-block-parameters))
>> +   key))
> Simply
>   (cdr (assoc type org-dynamic-block-parameters))
> if you simplify the structure.


>> +(defun org-dynamic-block-set-parameters (type &rest parameters)
>> +  "Set dynamic block TYPE properties to PARAMETERS.
>> +PARAMETERS should be :key val pairs.
>> +The key is usually is `:function', and the value is a function name symbol."
>> +  (let ((data (assoc type org-dynamic-block-parameters)))
>> +    (if data (setcdr data (org-combine-plists (cdr data) parameters))
>> +      (push (cons type parameters) org-dynamic-block-parameters))))
> Ditto. It could be
> (defun org-dynamic-block-define (type fun)
>   (push (cons type fun) org-dynamic-block-parameters))


>> +(defun org-dynamic-block-types ()
>> +  "Return a list of known dynamic block types."
>> +  (mapcar #'car org-dynamic-block-parameters))
>> +
>> +(defun org-dynamic-block-functions ()
>> +  "Return a list of functions that are called to insert dynamic block."
>> +  (cl-loop for dblock in org-dynamic-block-parameters
>> +           with insert-func
>> +           do (setq insert-func (org-dynamic-block-get-parameter (car 
>> dblock) :function))
>> +           if insert-func
>> +           collect insert-func))
> Is this function necessary?


>> +(defun org-dynamic-block-insert-dblock (dblock-type)
>> +  "Insert a dynamic block of type DBLOCK-TYPE.
>> +When used interactively, select the dynamic block types among
>> +defined types, per `org-dynamic-block-set-parameters'."
>> +  (interactive (list (completing-read "dynamic block: "
>> +                                  (mapcar #'car 
>> org-dynamic-block-parameters))))
>     (mapcar #'car ...) -> (org-dynamic-block-types)


>> +  (let ((func (org-dynamic-block-get-parameter dblock-type :function)))
> See above.



As always, add patch as attachment.

Attachment: 0001-lisp-org.el-org-dynamic-block-insert-dblock-New-func.patch
Description: Text Data

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