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Re: [O] org-table-align function changed, where is the old behavior?

From: Craig Luthy
Subject: Re: [O] org-table-align function changed, where is the old behavior?
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2019 15:47:27 -0600

Hi Nicolas,

emacs version: GNU Emacs 26.1 (build 1, x86_64-w64-mingw32) of 2018-05-30
orgmode version: Org mode version 9.2 (9.2-elpa @ c:/Users/dad/Dropbox/.emacs.d/elpa/org-20181230/)

I don't know what an ECM is. Need some clarification.

However, regarding the first issue of TAB and RETURN opening the table. I explained this wrong, and suspect the release was coded up as designed. No error messages were displayed. But, with further analysis, the expansion occurs in at least these scenarios:
  • if you delete a row out of the table with 'kill-whole-line
  • insert a row (org-shiftmetadown) then UNDO (undo)
  • it seems that 'undo opens the table in many cases
C-u C-c TAB works as explained.
C-c C-c on the STARTUP keyword works as explained.

This is the table I was experimenting with:

** TABLES (Section 3.1). insert a vertical bar with `\vert'
| Key sequence          | description                                                                                    |
| <20>                  | <48>                                                                                           |
| M-x table-insert      | tell it # of cols, rows, cell width & height                                                   |
| M-x table-capture     | turn text into a table - asks for delimiter and other stuff. use ^Q^J for the carriage return. |
| C-u C-c TAB           | narrow all the columns (was C-c C-c)                                                           |
| C-c TAB               | dynamically narrow column                                                                      |
| C-c -                 | horizontal line                                                                                |
| C-u C-c -             | horizontal line above                                                                          |
| C-c ^                 | sort                                                                                           |
| C-c +                 | sum columns                                                                                    |
| C-y                   | insert total                                                                                   |
| M-LEFT\RIGHT          | move column left\right                                                                         |
| M-S-LEFT              | kill column  you're in                                                                                    |
| M-S-RIGHT             | insert col to right                                                                            |
| M-S-UP                | kill row                                                                                       |
| M-S-DOWN              | insert row above                                                                               |
| M-x  org-table-import | import TAB-delimited file                                                                      |
| C-c `                 | edit truncated text in a separate window.                                                      |
| C-c \vert             | create table from region                                                                       |
| M-x org-table-export  | export TAB-delimited file                                                                      |
| S-RET                 | copy cell above down to current cell                                                           |
| junk                  | junk                                                                                           |

Thanks for your help. If I need to create a bug report on the unexpected column expansion, I suspect that is what an ECM is, could you point to the right page for sending one?

The release note on these changes could use additional information. I was able to find this page (https://orgmode.org/Changes.html#orge5c3346) which helped me initially, but  `C-c C-c' on the STARTUP keyword and  `C-u C-c C-TAB' mappings you explained to me were missing. 
  • explain the new mapping of C-u C-c TAB which does the old format behavior.
  • I would have never guessed to do C-c C-c on the STARTUP keyword to format everything in the file. Perhaps a reference to that would be helpful. To me it seems like an unusual thing to do, so I may have missed documentation on this behavior that is found elsewhere.
According to general release note (https://orgmode.org/Changes.html) it says that editing a column (do you mean a cell?) opens it up and displays everything. This does not seem to be working for me. "C-`" still works fine for editing long contents.

Thanks again,
Craig Luthy

On Sat, Jan 12, 2019 at 4:31 AM Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> wrote:

Craig Luthy <address@hidden> writes:

> I create lots of tables in org-mode, many with lots of information and long
> cells. The C-c C-c was heaven because it prettied up my table in one
> action. If I understand what I have read and am seeing, whenever I TAB or
> RET all the cells are expanded which creates a scrambled mess that is
> impossible to navigate because all the rows wrap.

This looks like a bug. Could you provide an ECM?

> Shrinking 1 column at a time with C-c TAB is a regretful step
> backwards. Why did you change the existing functionality. I would have
> rather seen that retained and a new option to do narrowing one column
> at a time.
> I have played with '#+STARTUP: align shrink' but it does not seem to work
> when I open the buffer. It may work if I open the file for the first time,
> but that is not what I normally do. I hit many files and just leave the
> buffers around.

I think you need to use `C-c C-c' on the STARTUP keyword.

> Now that you have changed the way org-table-align works, could you also add
> a "new" feature that works like the originall C-c C-c did and format the
> column widths in one motion.

This behaviour is bound to `C-u C-c C-TAB'.


Nicolas Goaziou

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