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[O] Issue with tags in custom agenda view ics export

From: Ian Hocking
Subject: [O] Issue with tags in custom agenda view ics export
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 16:10:35 +0000

Hi everyone

I'm using Emacs 25.3 and Org Mode 9.2. I'm fairly new to this (will be getting 
into Elisp soon but haven't yet done so) but I'm already using the excellent 
org mode to improve my management of our BSc Psychology programme. I’ve looked 
online and in the mailing list archives and don’t see anything that answers my 
issue directly, though no doubt much of it could be relevant.

My issue is fairly straightforward.

I am able to export from org mode to a .ics file in two ways. The first way is 
using the org mode exporter. This ends up including the appropriate tags in the 
.ics file within the CATEGORY field. The second way is using a custom agenda 
view with a specified .ics export file. However, this second way does not, no 
matter how much I try, include the tags. I've tweaked several variables that 
might be of importance, including ~~org-icalendar-categories~~ but this seems 
to have no effect (CATEGORY remains blank), or, with one combination of values 
that I've now forgotten, I've managed to get a '???' in the CATEGORY field.

It seems pretty obvious now that either this variable is not being observed by 
the custom agenda view or there's another simple mistake I'm making somewhere 
else; quite possibly there's some export setting that I'm missing from my 
startup file.

Would someone on this list who sees tags inclusion in their custom agenda view 
(exporting to ics) please share their code with me? Below is the snippet I'm 
using from ~~org-agenda-custom-commands~~ (I'm starting with my birthdays 
calendar as a simple case. In case it's useful, I include a snippet from that 
file at the end.)

#+BEGIN_SRC elisp
 ;; birthdays and anniversaries - show feedback; agenda view
        ("ia"                                         ;; key is 
         "[a]anniveraries for the next 90 days"          ;; description
         agenda                                       ;; results type
         nil                                          ;; search term
         ((org-agenda-start-day "2019-01-01")
          (org-agenda-span 365)                        ;; show next year days
          (org-agenda-tag-filter-preset '("+anniversary"))
        ("~/Dropbox/orgExport/anniversaries.ics")                 ;; file to 
used when exporting (not automatic)

#+BEGIN_SRC orgmode

* A H's Birthday
:DESCRIPTION: Age not known 
<2019-01-12 Sat +1y>




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