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Re: `file-relative-name' for compressed files

From: Emilio Lopes
Subject: Re: `file-relative-name' for compressed files
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 22:00:19 +0200
User-agent: Emacs Gnus

Richard Stallman writes:

>        (file-relative-name "/bar:/a/b/c/foo.gz" "/bar:/a/b/c/")
>        => "/ssh:bar:/a/b/c/foo.gz"

> That case works in the latest sources.  It fails in older
> sources where file-remote-p returns nil for "/ssh:bar:/a/b/c/foo.gz",
> which is a bug that was recently fixed.

I can't confirm this. Did you turn auto-compression-mode on?
This bug only occurs when auto-compression-mode is on.

I've just updated and installed the lastest sources. From my
test cases (with auto-compression-mode on) the following
ones still fail:

   (file-relative-name "/a/b/c/foo.gz" "/a/b/c/")
   => "/a/b/c/foo.gz"
   (file-relative-name "/bar:/a/b/c/foo.gz" "/bar:/a/b/c/")
   => "/ssh:bar:/a/b/c/foo.gz"
   (file-relative-name "/bar:/a/b/c/foo" "/xyz:/a/b/c/")
   => "../../../../ssh:bar:/a/b/c/foo"

These work:

   (file-relative-name "/a/b/c/foo" "/a/b/c/")
   => "foo"
   (file-relative-name "/bar:/a/b/c/foo" "/bar:/a/b/c/")
   => "foo"
   (file-relative-name "/bar:/a/b/c/foo.gz" "/xyz:/a/b/c/")
   => "/ssh:bar:/a/b/c/foo.gz"

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