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Re: new toolbar icons are problematic

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: new toolbar icons are problematic
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 08:21:17 +0200

2004-06-23 kl. 01.17 skrev Richard Stallman:

I doubt it's a major problem to insist on transparent backgrounds in
    icons, if necessary.  It does mean some work to fix some of them,

Jan, have you implemented another workaround?

Yes, the new workaround works for 256 colour displays, but not for
monochrome displays.  Obviously XPM is not used on monochrome displays,
but the icons look bad when GTK is used.  This is caused by bugs in GTK
that does not show if GTK can do all the image handling.
I've filed two bugs on GTK on this, not much action
yet though.  The bugs are:

There are screen shots in there that shows the problem.

If not, who knows which icons need fixing?
And does someone know how to fix them?

It is now not a requirement, since we have a workaround for XPM images
that does not require any transparency.

        Jan D.

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