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Re: gdb emacs reporting 'Function "x_error_quitter" not defined'

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: gdb emacs reporting 'Function "x_error_quitter" not defined'
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 10:57:12 -0500
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> Indeed, it does: it's called -fkeep-inline-functions.  (I'm not 100%
> sure it will help in this case, though.)

I'd expect it doesn't help: you'll be able to put the breakpoint alright,
but the breakpoint will never trigger because inlining basically made a copy
of the function inside x_error_handler and the breakpoint is not put on
that copy.

Note: while the optimization is perfectly valid, it can be considered as
a bug between gcc and gdb that they are not able to let you put a breakpoint
on a function that was inlined (or, equivalently, to also put it on all the
(inlined) copies of the function).

>> I find it hard to believe, the user would be left with no opprtunity to break
>> on a function just because it is always inlined by the compiler.

> The solution is to put the breakpoint on the line that invokes the
> function, not on the function itself.

But to do that, you need to use the line-number don't you?  That can change
at any time.  AFAICT there's no good reason to put the breakpoint on
x_error_quitter rather than on x_error_handler.


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