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Re: tabbar-mode breaks debugging with match data

From: David PONCE
Subject: Re: tabbar-mode breaks debugging with match data
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 14:27:31 +0100 (CET)

Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>!        ;; Return `mode-name' if not blank, `major-mode' otherwise.
>>!        (if (and (stringp mode-name)
>>!                 ;; Take care of preserving the match-data because this
>>!                 ;; function is called when updating the header line.
>>!                 (save-match-data
>>!                   (string-match "[^ ]" mode-name)))
> Any reason why you don't use simpler a test like (zerop (length mode-name))
> or (equal mode-name ""), or even just check for mode-name being non-nil?
> Are there cases where mode-names are made of nothing but spaces?
> Is the empty string ever used for the mode-name?

I really don't know and I just wanted my code to anticipate such cases.
However you're probably right that using (zerop (length mode-name))
should be good enough!


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