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Re: poor additions in quail/latin-ltx

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: poor additions in quail/latin-ltx
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 23:44:24 -0500
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> I think it would be best to fix tmm to DTRT and fix the menu code so
> that you can bind a string as a command like you'd expect.

There was a bug in the handling of non-ASCII chars in multibyte "command
strings".  I.e. binding "λ" to a key didn't work.  Now it does.
But even before my fix, it worked to simply use a vector instead of
a string.  See patch below.

BTW, with my recent changes, all the chars that can be encoded in the user's
locale will be displayed "correctly" (tho only if the fonts cooperate) with
both the Lucid and Motif menus.  E.g. in a utf-8 locale, it should work
about as well as with gtk.


--- maths-menu.el       11 Mar 2005 22:59:04 -0000
+++ maths-menu.el       18 Mar 2005 04:38:45 -0000
@@ -51,15 +51,11 @@
        (define-key-after map (vector (intern name)) (cons name pane-map))
        (dolist (elt pane)
          (define-key-after pane-map
-           (vector (intern (string (car elt)))) ; convenient unique symbol
-           (cons (format "%c  (%s)" (car elt) (cadr elt))
-                 ;; Using a string here doesn't work.  You get a
-                 ;; `Wrong type argument: commandp,' error.
-                 ;; That looks like a bug, since
-                 ;;   (commandp "a") => t
-                 `(lambda ()
-                    (interactive)
-                    (insert ,(car elt))))))))
+           (vector (intern (cadr elt))) ; convenient unique symbol
+           (list 'menu-item
+                 (cadr elt)
+                 (vector (car elt))
+                 :keys (string (car elt)))))))
 (defvar maths-menu-menu

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