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Re: Somehow disp-table.el gets loaded on Mac OS X

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Somehow disp-table.el gets loaded on Mac OS X
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 11:44:52 +0100

Am 23.03.2005 um 03:12 schrieb YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu:

So, which terminal-coding-system should we set by default when LANG is
de_DE.UTF-8(en_US.UTF-8), iso-latin-1 or utf-8?

Hello Mitsuharu!

IMO the X11 personality of GNU Emacs should favour UTF-8 -- this is the Mac OS X file-name-coding-system. The usable fonts in Mac OS X have to be Unicode encoded (it does not work to take a TrueType font with for example Telugu glyphs in the Basic Latin range to be able to type in Telugu script). Apple's terminal emulation programme, Terminal.app, can work in UTF-8 mode, so *restrictions* to the Latin subset are not necessary. Besides I set x.UTF-8 as LANG -- so it's obvious that I want UTF-8. I think the old idea of German and other Language Environments is now a bit obsolete since it seems to be restricted to pure 8bit and most operating systems are Unicode enabled now.

UTF-8 should be the natural/native encoding in dired-mode, shell, shell-command-on-region, find-grep. For the files' contents it's not that easy to recommend.

And a different object is Carbon Emacs! Although too a Mac OS X binary it comes directly from Mac OS 9 and seems to have no good idea of Unicode and UTF-8. It's fontsets are Mac-Roman oriented and it's close to impossible for Latin scripts to use the whole spectrum. But it seems to have a good CJK support ...

'defaults read com.apple.Terminal StringEncoding' would reveal the default encoding of Terminal, which seems to correspond to the environment variable __CF_USER_TEXT_ENCODING and it's value "0x1F5:0:3" -- but I don't know the translations! Changing the default encoding for session does not change the envvars ...



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