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Re: Somehow disp-table.el gets loaded on Mac OS X

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Somehow disp-table.el gets loaded on Mac OS X
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 15:22:01 +0100

Am 23.03.2005 um 13:44 schrieb Stefan:

So, which terminal-coding-system should we set by default when LANG is
de_DE.UTF-8(en_US.UTF-8), iso-latin-1 or utf-8?

The terminal coding system does not necessarily depend on LANG.
It seems that OSX's Terminal.app uses utf-8 by default, independently from
any locale.  Maybe it can be set to something else, of course.

Yes, a few more are possible. But it does not work to set Terminal into Latin-9 mode, set LANG to *.UTF-8, and think GNU Emacs could now output UTF-8. This will fail.

The problem I have now is: how can we detect when Emacs is running in
Terminal.app. The TERM envvar is set to xterm-color, just like it is in
several X11 terminals (which don't use utf-8 by default).

Use these envvars (the version number could be different):


And a different object is Carbon Emacs!

When running in Terminal.app, it should be no different.

Yes, that's right.

Although too a Mac OS X binary it comes directly from Mac OS 9 and seems
to have no good idea of Unicode and UTF-8.

I do not know from where you get this misconception. It handles Unicode
*exactly* like the rest since it's using the exact same code.

In Terminal. As a stand-alone application I can't see it. But I'll investigate my failures ...

It's fontsets are Mac-Roman oriented and it's close to impossible for
Latin scripts to use the whole spectrum.

Maybe the default font settings need to be changed.

The fontsets that work fine in X11 don't work in Carbon, even when I change the encoding to those Carbon Emacs sees when I invoke 'M-x set-frame-font RET TAB TAB.' Here too some investigation is needed.

'defaults read com.apple.Terminal StringEncoding' would reveal the default
encoding of Terminal,

   % defaults read com.apple.Terminal StringEncoding
   2005-03-23 07:43:09.466 defaults[9360]
The domain/default pair of (com.apple.Terminal, StringEncoding) does not exist

Then it could be unchaged? The default could be Mac-Roman ... The setting is in Terminal -> Window Settings -> Monitor (item #5 from the chooser).



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