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Re: obscure new display features

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: obscure new display features
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 09:25:31 -0500
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>> I agree.  ^L fontified as a keyword looks horrible.  That's why I suggested
>> to change its color to "dark red" to look more like comments.
> We already had this argument.

Agreed.  BTW my comments don't look dark red.

>> In other buffers I think that instead of adding escape character
>> it's better to highlight NBSP in `trailing-whitespace' face because
>> it serves the same purpose to turn user's attention to potentially
>> dangerous whitespace characters.

> The `trailing-whitespace' face is (intentionally) insane and in your
> face.  The current escape sequence highlighting is fairly well-tuned
> to be somewhat noticeable while not being overly annoying.  Is NBSP
> something that deserves this "red alert" treatment?  I don't know.

I very much like the current "\ " representation and the color
as well.

> I think the same distinction used for NBSP applies:  In _editing_
> contexts, it's useful to display it (1) always, (2) uniquely, and (3)
> noticeably, all of which are satisfied by treating like other escape
> characters.  In _display_ contexts, again similarly to NBSP, it would
> make sense to display it as a normal hyphen at the end of the line and
> invisible elsewhere.


The only things we might want to change, from my point of view are:
- use the display-table rather than the new ad-hoc implementation.
- maybe revert to the original implementation where only the \ or the ^ was
  marked with a special color.  This one is just a personal preference.


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