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Re: tmm and enabled menus.

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: tmm and enabled menus.
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 01:33:31 +1200

 >  > The nonselectable items, are still selectable from the completions
 >  > buffer with mouse-1 or <RET>. They just do nothing and return to
 >  > the original buffer. I guess this is consistent with clicking on a
 >  > nonselectable menu-item but in this case its clearer that you
 >  > haven't selected anything because the relief of the menu-item
 >  > doesn't raise when the mouse is over it. Might it be better/is it
 >  > possible to make clicking with mouse-1 or typing <RET> over these
 >  > items do absolutely nothing in text mode i.e keep the completions
 >  > buffer intact (and perhaps echo "No completions here" in the
 >  > mini-buffer), just like in the preamble?
 > I have written some code that removes the mouse-face property for
 > inactive entries, and adds a face inherited from
 > font-lock-comment-face; see attached.  I think this does what you want
 > regarding selection.

I prefer this behaviour for selection but I don't understand why you have
removed the mouse-face property. I can't see such properties on a text
terminal and in situations where I can, I would be able to use the ordinary
menu bar.

+(defface tmm-inactive-face
+  '((t :inherit font-lock-comment-face))
+  "Face used for inactive menu items."
+  :group 'tmm)

font-lock-comment-face displays as ordinary text on a text terminal now.
Would it not be better to define tmm-active-face and make that stand out?


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