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Re: loaddefs.el has no effect

From: RGB
Subject: Re: loaddefs.el has no effect
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 20:41:02 -0500

>> When I build Emacs I want some additional major modes to be part of the 
>> Previously I just put the additional mode files in \lisp\progmodes and 
>> I pretty much always just do a BOOTSTRAP build.
>> >> Something has changed in the last month or two because this doesn't work any more.
>> loaddefs.el *does* contain the autoload commands for the new modes but Emacs 
doesn't recognize the mode commands.
>> If I manually do (load "loaddefs") then it works.
> > Sounds like Emacs uses loaddefs.el that's just a copy of
> ldefs-boot.el.  The question is, why?
> > Can you post a full transcript of a "make bootstrap" session?
Having looked at the output I sent earlier myself I can't figure out how
the symptoms I'm seeing could possibly be happening. It says loaddefs.el gets rebuilt successfully and then it says it's loading it just before the final dump.

Yes, indeed.  But then you didn't show any problems with autoloading
in this transcript, either.  Are you sure that the same emacs.exe
binary that was produced by the bootstrap whose build transcript you
posted was the binary that failed to autoload your additional modes?
Could it be that you saw the problem in another binary?

I really hate it when the answer is user idiocy.
Since the version string on the banner page gets updated after doing a bootstrap compile, the symptoms I complained about are one of the very few noticeable problems visible when a person fails to do

nmake install

If you don't install, a version dumped using ldefs-boot.el remains in the bin directory and everything appears as though you are using a newly compiled version including the version string.

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