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Re: tiny patch to ange-ftp

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: tiny patch to ange-ftp
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 05:31:38 -0400
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>> This looks wrong to me.  NetBSD's ftpd does not accept two arguments to the
>> LS command, last I tried.  Concatenating them and enclosing them in double
>> quotes won't make any difference either: it'll just consider that you want
>> to see the listing of the "-alF /foo" directory which probably
>> doesn't exist.

> I confirmed it in the ftp.netbsd.org host, oops.  I agree to
> revert it, er, though I think it means no one can upload files
> rightly using ange-ftp.  Sigh.

> AFAIK, the result of the `ls "-switches remote-file" local-file'
> form is required only when updating the dired buffer just after
> uploading a file.  It seems to be substituted by replacing the
> whole dired buffer with the result of the `ls -switches' form
> (it is similar to the case where the `g' command is performed).
> It would be better since it will update not only the uploaded
> file but also the timestamp for the parent directory; moreover,
> the order of the remote files will also be updated (if the
> switches contain the `-t' option).  I don't have a concrete plan
> now, though.

Yes, that's indeed the problem.
I believe the only real fix would be (in ange-ftp) to do an "ls" of the
parent buffer, and select the line for the relevant file.


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