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GUD node names

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: GUD node names
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 08:09:20 +1200

 > Two GUD-related nodes in the Emacs manual have too general names:
 > `Layout' and `Other Buffers'.  Unlike other GUD subnode names,
 > after looking at these nodes names you can't get an idea that they
 > document only GUD aspects.  Any objections to adding the word `GUD'
 > to these names?

They are not subnodes of GUD but of "GDB Graphical Interface".  All the other
(GUD) nodes listed with "GDB Graphical Interface" apply to a range of
debuggers (GDB, DBX, PDB, PERLDB etc). The nodes within "GDB Graphical
Interface" such as "Layout" and "Other Buffers" only apply to GDB, so I think
that this change would be wrong.  The introduction explains that this mode
uses different Emacs windows.  I guess "Layout" could be changed to "Window
Layout" but I think the other node names are self-explanatory within their


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