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Re: flyspell + longlines: hang/wait

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: flyspell + longlines: hang/wait
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 13:04:27 +0000

On 30 Oct 2005, at 01:30, Miles Bader wrote:

The "opposition" such as it is, seems just as religious in its zeal.

Recently, we have arrived at a few good non-religious arguments.

On the "pro DTWW" side, there's speed, line-number referencing (compiler errors e.g.), collaborative editing with others (who prefer different line length, but need to read/edit my text), variable needs in terms of frame width (when we use the most common form of system- level UI, a multi-window desktop).

On the "no DTWW" side, RMS has made a very good point: GNU tools are based on the assumption of relatively short lines. Display-time word wrapping does away with single line-feeds as end-of-line markers, and something like the output of "grep" isn't too useful any more.

I for my part, don't use grep or more on my LaTeX files very often. But that'll be different for different people, and I respect that. I hope that eventually, tools like grep, wc and more will move on, recognizing that there isn't one standard 65 or 80 character wide terminal any more...

As a _user_, I generally support display-time word-wrapping (call it
"DTWW"), because have to deal with editing such text too, and
traditionally it's been a pain to do that with Emacs (though
longlines-mode has done a great job with everything I've thrown at it
so far).

I see longlines as a good workaround. The bugs with variable width fonts should be fixed and some essential things should be reimplemented in C (sorry, can't do it, otherwise I'd prepare a patch today).

As an Emacs hacker, though, my concern with DTWW is what interaction
it would have with the assumptions made by lisp code; supporters seem
to generally assume that the only modification required will be some
support in `line-move' to make C-n/C-p move by physical lines instead
of logical lines when DTWW is turned on in a buffer.

You'll never know until you've tried it out.

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