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Re: perl mode color highlighting working badly

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: perl mode color highlighting working badly
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2005 14:06:31 -0500
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> There is a delay in both areas.
> At the top of the 5000 line file I type a " char
> Wait for a second or so to let the whole file be colorized as a string.
> Then remove the " and type CNTL-END quickly to jump to the bottom of the file
> There is a slight delay before it jumps to the bottom. I assume this would be
> the emacs is frozen type delay.

Yes, this is the delay I'm interested in.

> Once at the bottom the text is not colorized properly for just a bit then
> becomes correct.

This delay is rather uninteresting to me.  You can reduce it (at
a potentially serious performance cost) by changing jit-lock-context-time.

> The total delay is in the 1-2 seconds area which I consider pretty good for a
> large file like this.



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