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Re: perl-mode confused whith split(/,/,$var);

From: Warren L Dodge
Subject: Re: perl-mode confused whith split(/,/,$var);
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 16:02:07 -0800 (PST)

Sorry about that. I will restate my question with more accurate details.

I am using emacs-22.0.50 on two operating systems

  Solaris 8 and GNU/Linux

I am using the console of the Solaris 8 machine to display emacs from both

I compiled the emacs on both systems using the same options which were just
 --prefix and --disable-nls

I am using the same .emacs file on both systems.

Obviously the X11 includes are different on the two systems.

When I emacs a perl file on each system the coloring of the perl-mode is
different. Data in between "" or // is different. On Solaris it is blue and
on GNU/Linux it is a real light fleshy/pink color.

I'd like to figure out why GNU/Linux is different since it is real hard to
see. I am not sure it is a bug or "just the way it is". 

Any help in finding this would be appreciated.

Warren Dodge,   Application Engineer phone - (503) 627-4888
Tektronix Inc.  MS 39-515            fax   - (503) 627-2528
14180 S.W. Karl Braun Drive          Email - address@hidden
P.O. Box 500    Beaverton, OR 97077    

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