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sort-columns uses obsolete options of sort

From: Joe Wells
Subject: sort-columns uses obsolete options of sort
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 07:52:54 +0000
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The sort-columns command will invoke the "sort" program with these
options (written as a Lisp list):

  ("-t\n" "+0.2" "-0.10")

Unfortunately, these are no longer legal options.  Apparently this is
due to progress in POSIX-ification.  So if you use sort-columns now,
the entire text to be sorted is deleted and replaced by an error
message like this:

  /usr/bin/sort: invalid option -- 0
  Try `/usr/bin/sort --help' for more information.

It seems the correct modern replacement for the arguments is this:

  ("-t\n" "-k1.2,1.10")

Note that the field is now number 1 instead of number 0.


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