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RE: doc string for `yank' should mention "paste"

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: doc string for `yank' should mention "paste"
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 06:30:15 -0800

    Did you actually try to do M-x apropos RET paste RET ?


    The apropos command has a list of aliases, e.g. paste => yank.

Yes, that is helpful.

    It works for apropos-documentation as well.

But when you scan through the 1600-line *Apropos* buffer (for `apropos-doc
yank'), and you come to `yank', and you read its doc string, you do not see
the word `paste'. There is nothing that says that `yank' performs pasting
(in my 6/2005 snapshot on MS Windows, at least).

Finding it and showing it doesn't point out that "this is it": command
`yank' is what you are used to calling `paste'.

    The list doesn't include selection => region, but I will add that.


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