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Re: Segmentation fault using font '7x13bold'

From: Chris Moore
Subject: Re: Segmentation fault using font '7x13bold'
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 13:51:44 +0200

On 5/20/06, Chris Moore <address@hidden> wrote:
If I use font '9x15' and character 'A', I see this:

emacs -Q -eval '(let ((f (make-temp-file "bang"))) (set-frame-font
"9x15") (with-temp-file f (insert 27 44 98 105 27 40 66))
(find-alternate-file f))'

  character: A (65, #o101, #x41, U+0041)

Of course, I don't see the 'emacs -Q ...' command.  That was me having
a spot of bother copying-and-pasting from an emacs -Q session.  I'm
used to Emacs automatically copying its region into X's copy-paste
buffer, which 'emacs -Q' didn't do for me.

I've run 'gdb' from inside the src directory so that the 'xbacktrace'
command will be defined, but the output was less than interesting:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
choose_face_font (f=0x864a3d8, attrs=0x8703898, fontset=<value optimized out>,
   c=3840, needs_overstrike=0xbfbd2fe8) at xfaces.c:6684
6684              enum xlfd_weight got_weight = best->numeric[XLFD_WEIGHT];
(gdb) xbacktrace

I can set a breakpoint and run some other gdb commands if there's
something that it would be helpful for you to see around the time it


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