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Re: tumme messages in the echo area

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: tumme messages in the echo area
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 00:08:39 +0200

I've already done this as Richard asked me to DTRT.  I've also used
with-current-buffer where needed, and made the code fit on 80 columns.


The pretest has not started yet and it makes sense to fix all reported bugs

I did not say I had anything against it.

I don't use Tumme so it would be good if you can test my changes.

I will.

 >                                             I am a bit skeptical about
 > the "-c" switch.

What problem can you see?  If you see a better fix then you should install it.

The problem with it is that it might now work in all shells. For
example, on Windows, cmd.exe (the default "shell") uses /c, not -c. I
don't know how other shells handle this.

AFAIK shell-command is is for interactive use: hence the message in

I see now that it is an interactive function, but it accepts optional
extra parameters which suggests that one can use it non-interactively
too, right? Sorry if I misunderstand the purpose and intent of
interactive functions.

By the way, I checked the source and found this, which proves my point:

 (call-process shell-file-name nil t nil shell-command-switch command)

Please use the same technique, using `shell-command-switch'.


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