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RE: Key descriptions in *Help* are too wide

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Key descriptions in *Help* are too wide
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 08:14:37 -0700

    Stefan, there is one thing I do not understand in this discussion. What
    is the problem with filling just the key description lines in the help

Richard's point was that it might not make sense to fill the buffer with,
say, 30 key bindings. Showing a few, followed by some indication that there
are more, should be enough. The main point of this *Help* buffer content is
not to show key bindings, and showing lots of bindings up front can

Kim's suggestion is the best, for after the release: let a "..." button call
`where-is' to display all the bindings. Richard's suggestion could be added
to that: indicate how many more are not shown: "<foo>, <bar>,... (3 more)".

Before the release, it would be sufficient to cut off the list at a
reasonable number of bindings or max number of columns: either stop when the
max width is reached or fill the text up to that reasonable number of
bindings - and then append "...". After the release, the "..." could be made
into a button that calls `where-is' on the command.

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