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Re: (describe-function 'self-insert-command) takes too long

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: (describe-function 'self-insert-command) takes too long
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 13:31:24 -0400
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> The point is that those 0.7 seconds (or whatever, on your machine) are
> almost all wasted time, not productive time.  There is no reason to look
> up ~5000 bindings that are then ignored.  If something useful were being
> done for that time, I wouldn't have filed a bug. To me, this is just extra
> fat that could easily be trimmed.  Is there some reason not to do that?

Any such optimization would have to be at the cost of more complex code.
So there's always a trade-off between optimizing and keeping
code maintainable.  In this specific case, you're talking about an
optimization that is only useful in 1 particular case, whereas the usual
rule is "optimize only the common case".
Of course, maybe there's a way to solve your problem without making the code
less maintainable, but it seems you're the only one with enough motivation
to do it, so if you provide a patch for it, we may consider it for
inclusion, but otherwise I think the problem will stay unsolved.


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