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Re: Fwd: Serious performace problems on Windows XP with new(!) GNU Emacs

From: Peter Tury
Subject: Re: Fwd: Serious performace problems on Windows XP with new(!) GNU Emacs v22 (both patched and unpatched EmacsW32 were tried)
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 23:00:34 +0200

2006/10/12, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>:
> Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 22:54:05 +0200
> From: "Peter Tury" <address@hidden>
> Now I've tried emacs.exe -Q; then opening the 1MB file: it's fine (1-2
> seconds), but fundamental mode was used. In this running "pure" emacs
> I loaded the files for the specific mode support for this source file,
> and tried opening again: it still fast enough (2-3 secs). So that mode
> itself seems to be OK, but something else slows down emacs.
> I also tried emacs.exe (so no -Q was used) just to verify if
> gnuclientw is wrong. Emacs.exe is similarly slow as gnuclientw.exe.
> Let me emphasize again that the same .emacs with older EmacsW32 is
> fast, so something is changed in these newer Emacses what results slow
> down -- if I use my .emacs ...

We need 2 things to investigate this:

 . a clear recipe to reproduce the problem
 . some understanding what customizations in your .emacs cause the

For the latter, please selectively disable portions of your .emacs
until you arrive at the minimal self-contained portion that causes the
slowdown.  Then post that portion (together with a precise recipe to
reproduce the problem) here.

It seems whitespace-buffer slows down my Emacs so terribly: my .emacs
sets whitespace-global-mode with its all bells and whistles....
finally I found that if I M-x whitespace-buffer with my critical file
opened in the buffer (regardless of whitespace-global-mode setting) I
get back the control after that long time what I wrote last time.

I tried to modify whitespace-buffer and it seems that
whitespace-buffer-search is so slow. However I see that it is not
really modified between the fast (old) and slow (new) Emacses... and
does almost only a re-search-forward. Now I don't have the C sources
for both (fast and slow) Emacses. Maybe re-search-forward was

Can you help based on these info or shall I try to build a test file
(what is so slow with whitespace-buffer) and send it to you?


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