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Re: TRAMP password caching

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: TRAMP password caching
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 08:43:51 -0500
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>     I think we should revert the default to ssh rather than scp: the
>     behavior of the ssh method is much cleaner/smoother/userfriendly.
>     Its only downside is a lesser performance but I think this is
>     a secondary issue.

> I think the first thing to do is try to fix these bad behaviors.  That
> ought to be done regardless of which method is the default, and if
> they are fixed, there would be no reason to change the default.

At least in my case, the scp method is usually significantly slower: with
`ssh' doing C-x C-s is basically instantaneous where with `scp' it has
a noticeable delay.  This is probably because I usually edit "small" files
(~20KB) but the host is fairly far, so the authentication time of scp dwarfs
the slowdown of base64 encoding/decoding in Emacs.

I have no idea if my situation is more or less common, but at least I find
the performance behavior of `ssh' to be more normal.


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