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Re: minibuffer -> C-h m

From: Johan Bockgård
Subject: Re: minibuffer -> C-h m
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 01:35:16 +0100
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David Reitter <address@hidden> writes:

> C-x C-f to get a minibuffer, then C-h m (or the equivalent from the
> Help menu).
> "Lisp nesting exceeds..."

The problem is that Emacs tries to use `fill-minibuffer-function' in a
non-mini buffer.

This seems to fix it (check current buffer instead of selected

--- fill.el     07 Nov 2006 10:36:36 +0100      1.192
+++ fill.el     06 Dec 2006 13:48:57 +0100      
@@ -762,7 +762,7 @@
                 (list (if current-prefix-arg 'full))))
   ;; First try fill-paragraph-function.
   (or (and (or fill-paragraph-function
-              (and (window-minibuffer-p (selected-window))
+              (and (minibufferp)
                    (= 1 (point-min))))
           (let ((function (or fill-paragraph-function
                               ;; In the minibuffer, don't count the width

Actually, the code can still recurse endlessly in a minibuffer where
(point-min) equals 1 after narrowing in `fill-minibuffer-function'
(that is if (minibuffer-prompt-end) is 1):

    (interactive "s")  <-- C-x C-e
    => "Lisp nesting exceeds..."

Johan Bockgård

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