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Re: Shell completion on w32 uses "/" instead of "\"

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: Shell completion on w32 uses "/" instead of "\"
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 18:33:40 +0100
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Juanma Barranquero wrote:
On 12/20/06, Lennart Borgman <address@hidden> wrote:
I guess you mean logical relation?

Causal. Arguing for bug fixes does not cause you having to do an
alternate distribution. So the fact that you argue for bugs has no
bearing on whether you do an alternate distribution or not. I do argue
for bug fixes. I don't have my own distribution.

Maybe. I actually started my distribution because it was so damned difficult to get Emacs into a working condition on w32. I recently added some gnuwin32 binaries to make it easier. (I have long been thinking about doing this but wanted to test a long time first. And have others opinion of course.) My thoughts at the beginning was that no one has time to set this up any more. What a pitty, that makes it much harder for those developers/web developers wanting to go from w32 to GNU/Linux later.

At the moment I think the benefits outweighs the problem, but if some of
the more nagging bugs/missing features were corrected I think I would
change my mind.

Your distribution gets notoriety as a "better way to use Emacs on
Windows", i.e., it's better for an Emacs user on Windows to use yours
than the standard one. If you someday change your mind, there's
nothing stopping someone from deciding that he will continue
maintaining the "improved for Windows" version.

I'm not saying it is going to happen. I'm not ever saying it is likely
to happen. But it is not difficult to happen. Some projects never
fork; others... well, look at GNU Arch / Baz / Bazaar / ArX.

You have a point there of course. I do not wish this. However it would be much easier if my patches were a bit more seriously considered. As I have tried to explain many times I hardly ever consider them as final patches. I want comments on them but not dismissing. I always have a problem I want to solve with them (and it is hardly only for myself).

Of course I am not a C programmer, I had never seen lisp before I tried Emacs. I am not either a *nix user. I do not know the *nix API:s at all. Why I mention this? Because I have got the impression that it is a bit difficult to come into this from the w32 side. However for the success of a project like Emacs it is of course important that we meet with our different knowledge. (I guess everyone agree, but it does not really feel that way always.)

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