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Re: Unsafe variable in a saved *compilation* buffer

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Unsafe variable in a saved *compilation* buffer
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 02:17:20 -0400
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>     For me it's much more common to access the same file under different names
>     (typically via sshfs or Tramp, but also depending on if I'm on the server
>     or on an NFS client, ...).  And I always get surprised that even though
>     I was careful to save the file where it belongs, compilation can't find
>     the sources.

> I do not follow you; I do not see what scenario you are talking about
> or how it relates to anything else.

In a prior message I wrote:

   OTOH, if the whole directory tree is moved/renamed (or accessed under
   a different name, such as via Tramp, or sshfs, or ...), without the
   default-directory file-local variable, things will still work just as
   well, whereas with the default-directory file-local variable, the error
   messages will be interpreted with respect to the improper directory.

I.e. by setting default-directory in the file-local variables you make the
relative file names fail when I access the saved compilation buffer under
a different name (e.g. via Tramp, NFS, sshfs, ...).

>> ISTR that I added this because I ran into problems without it.
>     What were those problems?
> I don't remember, but I think I saved the buffer in my home directory,
> and visited it again, and the file names did not work.

Maybe the proposition by <sorry-can't-remember-who> to only add the
default-directory file-local variable when the file is saved to a different
directory would make it possible to reconcile our conflicting needs.


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