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Re: C-<char> doesn't respect current keyboard layout, OS X Carbon

From: Aidan Kehoe
Subject: Re: C-<char> doesn't respect current keyboard layout, OS X Carbon
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 12:45:03 +0200

 Ar an ceathrú lá is fiche de mí Aibréan, scríobh YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu: 

 > >>>>> On Tue, 24 Apr 2007 10:29:38 +0200, Aidan Kehoe <address@hidden> said:
 > >> Can you replace `action=' at line 722 with `output=' and try again?
 > > There’s no action= at line 722--you’re talking about
 > > ExtendedIrishAidan.keylayout, available in the same directory.
 > Oops, sorry.  Yes, what I downloaded was ExtendedIrishAidan.keylayout.
 > I reached it by following a link in
 > http://www.parhasard.net/keyboard/, because I couldn't find
 > http://www.parhasard.net/keyboard/ExtendedAidan.layout.
 > Does the modified ExtendedIrishAidan.keylayout have the same problem?

http://www.parhasard.net/keyboard/ExtendedAidan.keylayout , the keyboard
layout I was talking about in the first place, and the most recent version
of the file, has the problem.

 > > I don’t get any error messages in console.log when I log in with
 > > ExtendedAidan.keylayout .
 > Neither do I.  But I couldn't reproduce the problem with US keyboard.

The keyboard hardware should be irrelevant.

Okay, I did a cvs update and updated my OS (I was previously running 10.4.7,
am now runnibng 10.4.9), and I no longer see the problem, whether with my
layout or Nikolaj’s. Thank you for your attention!

On the quay of the little Black Sea port, where the rescued pair came once
more into contact with civilization, Dobrinton was bitten by a dog which was
assumed to be mad, though it may only have been indiscriminating. (Saki)

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