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[emacs-wiki-discuss] Re: How to BEGIN WITH GnuEmacs in Windows?

From: Michael Olson
Subject: [emacs-wiki-discuss] Re: How to BEGIN WITH GnuEmacs in Windows?
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 15:40:02 -0500
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"Baris Eren" <address@hidden> writes:

> GnuEmacs in Windows 
>       Installation
>               Where is the file .emacs?

It is in the current directory from where you start Emacs.  When I
used Emacs with Windows, I edited the shortcut to Emacs so that the
current directory was set to some place like "C:\Documents and
Settings\My Name\Home".  The location can be anything you want, as
long as it exists as a directory.  You can call this file "_emacs" if
you wish.

>                       Does the Wiki mode show orphan pages?

No.  That might be a nice feature to have.

>                       Does the Wiki mode support backlinks?

If you run the `emacs-wiki-backlink' function, it will find the pages
that mention the current page.

>                       Does the Wiki mode support a "Recent Changes"
> feature?

You can make a file called `ChangeLog' that contains changes, but you
have to add the entries yourself.

>                       How can we search in the Wiki?


>                       Can also several directory structures be used
> with the WikiMode

Yes.  You'll probably want to read the `Multiple Projects' section of
the manual if you want to separate your directories into "Projects".
Multiple directories can belong to one project.

>                       How to export all contents of the EmacsWiki to
> Html

`emacs-wiki-publish', or C-c C-p

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