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[emacs-wiki-discuss] emacs-wiki-menu-make-from-list example?

From: TC
Subject: [emacs-wiki-discuss] emacs-wiki-menu-make-from-list example?
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 11:33:51 -0600
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I'd like to have the possibility of different menus for each of my projects. I think I can do that by setting emacs-wiki-menu-factory differently for each project. I've tried that as far as having some projects with no menu at all, and some with the default one that is made from the project list. But now I'd like to customize more, and so I'd like to use emacs-wiki-menu-from-list.

My problem is simply that I'm not a lisp programmer, and so am not sure how to follow the instruction about passing a 3 tuple to

Could someone give me an example of that, in the context of an individual project's settings (i.e. inside the project in question's variables, within a setq emacs-wiki-projects block)? What I currently have (and which simply produces an html comment about bad lisp) is:

(emacs-wiki-menu-factory . (emacs-wiki-menu-make-from-list ("a", "b", "c")))

and I've tried:

(emacs-wiki-menu-factory . (emacs-wiki-menu-make-from-list ("a" "b" "c")))

and even:

(emacs-wiki-menu-factory . (emacs-wiki-menu-make-from-list ("a" ( "b" ("c")))))

and probably every other combination of alphanumeric characters involving parens.

I know the a, b and c don't carry much meaning, but I think the resulting <!--INVALID LISP CODE--> that I get in my html indicates a more basic syntax problem.

Thanks for any help. At this stage I've been throwing left and right parens, commas, apostrophes and ticks, at my init code for the last hour, and punctuation has now lost all meaning :-)


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