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Re: [emacs-wiki-discuss] Re: Message ID's sometimes not found?

From: Dryice Liu
Subject: Re: [emacs-wiki-discuss] Re: Message ID's sometimes not found?
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 16:24:38 +0800
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Sacha Chua <address@hidden> wrote:
> Greg Novak <address@hidden> writes:
>> While I have your attention, there's one thing I'd really like to have
>> in Planner, which is a set of pages that behave just like day pages,
>> but are instead identified with weeks, months, quarters, and years.
>> The reason is that I want to make sure that I'm not losing sight of
>> the big pictuer while ticking off the day-by-day to-do items.  The day
>> pages allow me to say to myself "What do I have to do today?" and, at
>> the end of the day,   "Did I accomplish what I set out to do?"
>> I want to ask myself the same question for larger time units, like
>> weeks, months, etc.  

Hi, another reader of Tony Robbins? Here's how I do it:

(setq planner-plan-page-template
      "#authz ddliu\n* Purpose\n\n\n** Ultimate Vision\n\n\n** Ultimeate 
Purpose\n\n\n** Yearly Goals\n\n\n** Quarterly Goals\n\n\n* Sub Projects\n\n\n* 
Tasks\n\n\n* Timeclock\n\n\n* Accomplishments\n\n\n* Notes")

I customized the plan page template like that, So I can have yearly
goals and quarterly goals for each project. This is the "big view" for
one project.

And I have

| */* #A1 _ 10m summary today and plan tomorrow (LifePlan)
| Sunday #A1 _ 1h weekly summary (LifePlan)
| Sunday #A1 _ 1h plan for next week (LifePlan)
| %%(let ((m (extract-calendar-month date))
|        (y (extract-calendar-year date))
|        (d (extract-calendar-day date)))
|   (equal d (calendar-last-day-of-month m y))) #A1 _ 2h monthly summary 
| %%(let ((m (extract-calendar-month date))
|        (y (extract-calendar-year date))
|        (d (extract-calendar-day date)))
|   (equal d (calendar-last-day-of-month m y))) #A1 _ 2h plan for next month 

In my cyclic task. So besides the everyday plan/summary, on weekends
or end of a month, I look through (some of) the plan pages and write
notes like "last week summary", "2005.03 plan" to keep my trend.

This is less automatic compared to Sacha's solution, but works pretty
good for me :)

Another choice might be using etask to keep the "big view" but I
haven't get myself used to it. And etask is slow on my old 866
notebook... :(

Wish this helps,
Dryice @ http://dryice.3322.org

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