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[emacs-wiki-discuss] feature request: make muse aware of allout's outlin

From: Jesse Alama
Subject: [emacs-wiki-discuss] feature request: make muse aware of allout's outline syntax
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 18:36:04 -0700
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I'd like to use muse to publish outlines in multiple formats
(specifically, XHTML and PDF).  My favorite tool for doing making
outlines is allout-mode.  If I turn on allout-mode in a muse document,
make an outline, and publish it, I get some strange results.  The main
problem seems to be that muse doesn't know about allout's syntax for
outlines.  It would be great if muse and allout would cooperate
better; that is, if muse would be aware of the structure of outlines
generated with allout.

I'm thinking of taking up this problem for myself; I'd love to hear
any suggestions you may have.


Jesse Alama (address@hidden)

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