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Re: [emms-help] Lyrics

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: Re: [emms-help] Lyrics
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 00:22:42 -0600
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William <address@hidden> writes:
>> Also, I haven't noticed anything in the emms documentation about emms
>> getting the lyrics for the songs itself; some music players, such as
>> gmusicbrowser, will do that.  (Not in emms's format, of course.)
> It can't grab lyrics automatically at present. The main problem seems
> finding a good lyrics repo.

Andrea Russo suggested lrcdb.org, and I've been downloading a bunch
recently.  It's great, but even that has only a small percentage of my
songs on it.

> Currently I'm thinking(this's how i myself do now) that user himself
> could write some lyrics crawler and run externally, then by customizing
> `emms-lyrics-find-lyric-function', and with the help of
> `emms-lyrics-catchup', one could sync just downloaded lyrics with
> the playing track. This is still in development though.

I've noticed that emms-lyrics has something to help write the lrc
files, but I haven't even looked at that yet.

>> If no such thing exists, I tossed together something that will get the
>> lyrics for the currently playing song from Lyricwiki that I could put
>> on the Emacs wiki (or somewhere).
> That would be nice. One thing i'm concerned is that is it legal to
> gather lyrics from internet first then redistribute them?

I meant just put the lisp file which will get the lyric files on the
Emacs wiki, not the lyric files themselves.

Lyricswiki and lrcdb don't seem to mention how the lyrics are
licensed.  Lyricswiki makes it easy to figure out the url for specific
lyrics, lrcdb makes it hard.  Not that it necessarily matters.

> > (Since I'm not convinced that emms really looks in the current
> > directory for the .lrc file, I'd put it in the emms-lyrics-dir
> > directory, but I still need to know what to name it.)
> You can be convinced, it should look in current directory. And make sure
> you have applied my last patch.

I guess I wasn't sure what the "current directory" was; my guess would
have been the directory containing whatever file I'm editing.  But
your doc update clears things up.

> > What should the .lrc files be named?
> like, foo.mp3, foo.lrc.

Leo mentioned that, and I felt pretty dumb about it.  Although I seem
to remember it not working at first; I was probably doing something
else silly.

> What else name would you suggest? :-)

I don't know.  If the lrc files are kept in a single directory, then
there might well be naming conflicts.  I'm just keeping the lrc files
in the same directory as the mp3 files, and everything works out great.

> Hmm, i'll update docs about emms lyrics soon.

Well, no-one but me has any problem with the docs.

Anyhow, I've spent a lot of time downloading lrc files, so I don't
know whether I should thank you or curse you for emms-lyrics.  But
it's pretty cool, so thanks.


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